Elastyc Solutions

Powerfull solutions for wide range of industry models, proven in practice for great automatition of processes

Sales and distribution

CRM and E-commerce in one place provides powerfull solution for running sales trough all chanells with complete overview of customer and all sales related processes.

Online B2B and B2C store fronts with  catalogues, knowledge base, help desk, sharing all processes provides  huge customer satisfaction.

Powerfull sales funnels, quotes and invoicing and other CRM tools for sales representatives from web or mobile devices, proviedes full automatition of all sales processes in one company 

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Complete solution for vehicle sales, rent and repair service in all aspects.

Powerfull online interface with presentation layer, online booking, requests and help desk which provide complete coverage of whicle or fleet for costomers   

Complete CRM and solution for all processes inside company with poverfull communication with customers

Internet startup company

Elastyc is ideal for new technology startups. Fast development of customer expirience for all platforms directly embeded into CRM and BPM bring to online bussineses complete solution for running fast and smooth  

Property management

Solution for running rent, sales, project sales, maintainance of properties in all aspects , from managing all company communications to billing with powerfull analitycs.

IT dev, sales and support

With features like  online Help desk, powerfull ticketing, projects and impelmentations, managing workforce, knowledge base, sales, billing and analitycs provide ideal solution for all software and service companys

Health care

Complete overview of your patients, scheduling, laboratories and staff collaboration with billing , enable your team to focus on on patient.